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Timber Staircases

We specialise in wreathed and curved staircases. Whether restoration, repair or design and install, we are recognised experts in timber staircases of any description.

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Carefully Handcrafted Curved Staircases

Nightingale Joinery is one of only a handful of specialist companies in the UK that can design, manufacture and install curved staircases. Our expertise and knowledge means we can work on projects for listed buildings and period properties, while liaising directly with planning and building departments along with any conservation bodies.

Our bespoke approach to creating a curved staircase means that each design is sympathetic to its surroundings. We will make sure that your brand new wooden staircase will take into account the size of your room, the style of your home and any other mitigating factors that might otherwise be relevant to your brand new project.

We are able to produce all kinds of staircase styles from straight, to curved, to contemporary with glass balustrade. Our timber staircases can be produced in traditional timbers like Oak, in a range of softwoods, and in all types of hardwoods. We can also incorporate other materials in the design such as glass and metals.

We manufacture curved staircases for homeowners, commercial and education organisations in Essex, London and the surrounding south east areas.

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Bespoke Curved Staircases

We don’t list a preset range of curved staircases on our website. Each one is built to meet our customers’ unique aesthetic and practical requirements - resulting in designs that are ornate, eye-catching and which add measurable market appeal.


Our Professional Expertise

We work with a range of customers throughout Essex, London and the southeast counties. Our team have the knowledge and experience needed to design and manufacture wooden staircases for homes, businesses and other organisations.


We’re Only One Call Away

Because we design, make and install our curved staircases, you’ll only ever have to worry about one point of contact. If you have a question about the design of your product, or want an update, you can call our friendly team without fuss on 01787 224332.

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Timber From Sustainable Sources

We want you to buy from us with confidence, knowing that your curved staircase has been lovingly crafted from a sustainable source. All of our softwood and hardwood timber is derived from sustainable forests. Your wooden staircase will have had minimal environmental impact and will add a touch of essential style to your home.

The same applies to all of our other products. If you need more than just a spiral staircase, Nightingale Joinery can handcraft new timber windows and doors for your home that are thermally efficient, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and shrinking the cost of your energy bills. Ask for more information when contacting us.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Are Available?

To give our customers as much choice as possible, our wooden staircases can be made using a a range of high-quality materials. Although we specialise in the design and manufacture of timber-based products, we can also make your staircase using any of the following: metal, stainless steel, glass and much more.

To compare the benefits of these materials, ask a member of the Nightingale Joinery team for further help and advice. We will only recommend choosing a non-timber staircase for your project if it will enhance the character of your property and work alongside any other design choices you’ve already decided to proceed with.


Can You Restore Wooden Staircases?

Although Nightingale Joinery can design and manufacture curved staircases from scratch, we also have the expertise needed to restore high-value items. Rather than instructing us to take down and replace a feature of your home to which is of architectural significance or historical importance, you may prefer us to bring it back to its original condition.

We will take the utmost care when restoring your staircase. We have worked in homes that are listed or period buildings, which means that our work has to meet an extremely high standard. If your project requires specialist knowledge and high-attention to detail, contact the Nightingale Joinery team today on 01787 224332.

A Range Of Choices For Your Project

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner – or work for an educational establishment or organisation – Nightingale Joinery has the experience and vision needed to make your project the success it deserves to be.

Because we offer curved staircases and so much more, we can act as your single point of contact – designing and manufacturing your products and even liaising with your local authority and building control department.

Our bespoke approach to helping our customers means that we’ll be able to add measurable value to the table. From beginning through to completion, we’ll keep you informed and be on hand to answer any questions you have.


Curved Staircases Prices, Essex, London and the South East Area

Start a conversation with the Nightingale Joinery team today. Ask us a technical question, request an appointment or ask for a free quote today by calling us directly on 01787 224332. If you would like us to call you, simply contact us via our online form and we’ll respond as a matter of priority.



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