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Custom Made


Here at Nightingale, we believe in our craft. That’s why we offer you premium joinery. Our work spans from creating staircases to custom made furniture, and we work with residential or commercial clients in Colchester and surrounding areas. When you speak with us about your next bespoke project, we can talk to you about our artisans and master craft workers. Our products are made by hand to your specifications, whether stairs, heritage joinery, or an entirely custom project.

Our Services

We offer our services to residential and commercial clients. If you’re looking for large scale renovations or developments, you’ve come to the right place. Talk to us about our wreathed and curved staircases or our timber windows. We can create your perfect piece in mid-century modern, farmhouse, or traditional styles.

Timber Staircases

Wreathed & Curved Styles



Here at Nightingale Joinery we uphold traditional joinery methods to produce bespoke pieces of exceptional quality, especially our heritage staircases. Our expert team have a vast knowledge of authentic joinery techniques and we ensure these methods live on through our beautifully crafted products and also by nurturing apprentices for the next generation. 

Our team have vast experience in joinery, applying expertise and skill in every project that we take on. Do you have a joinery project where others have said it can’t be done? Get in touch with our innovative joiners who love a challenge. We’ll work closely with you to devise a bespoke joinery solution that perfectly meets your project requirements.


Large Scale Refurbishment

Heritage Homes

Traditional Methods

When we say we work on heritage properties, we are the number one company ready to ensure restoration or conservation of your commercial or residential building. We’ve worked in Conservation areas throughout the South East, which is why we’re so knowledgeable about building and council codes.

At Nightingale, we use traditional methods for traditional work. Victorian and Edwardian properties were built using time honoured joinery, and they deserve to stay that way. Unlike other builders who might not want to take on tricky work, we believe we can give you the answers for your restoration or conservation project.

Timber Furniture

Custom Made


Hand Crafted

There’s a reason that handcrafted furniture is so sought after. It’s because handcrafted furniture is built to last. Our master carpenters and cabinetmakers have the time tested experience and expertise to prove it. But furniture is more than just the pieces in a home. They’re the style, the substance, the proof of care.

With our master craftspeople, you’ll choose just the right wood: sustainable timber from quality sources. Wood is the most renewable material on the planet and all of our hardwood and softwood is responsibly sourced from sustainable managed forests. Wood products are also a store for carbon, thus, helping to minimise carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, while processing timber requires much less energy, giving wood products a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Bespoke Joinery

Classic Style



We like to think of ourselves as master craftspeople. That’s in part because of the versatility of our work. Whether you’re looking for shelving, kitchen tables, wardrobes, or more, Nightingale joiners can create unique designs for your property.

Because we offer custom made products, we can create your piece in any style, whether period or contemporary. You can talk to us about your choices for soft or hardwood, glass, metal, or other materials. Nightingale offers truly bespoke joinery.

Commercial Joinery

Unique Designs



We have created unique designs for offices, schools, retail spaces, and more, from mid century modern to contemporary designs. While we specialise in woodworking, we can expertly implement glass, metal, and other sheet materials into our designs for your property.

Talk to our Essex team about our wainscoting, wood panels, desks, and storage units if you’re looking for commercial joinery. We can talk to you about our timeless handcrafting and wood choices.





People love and appreciate our timber doors. That’s because not only are they getting a quality product, but with classic designs and real weight, they offer better security against hard impacts. But our customers often are looking to maintain the period look of their home with a timber door.

Additionally, timber doors last longer than most other doors. With proper maintenance, timber doors can last over 40 years. That durability is nearly unparalleled. Choose our custom joinery today.

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Get in Touch Today

Get in touch with our Essex team today. We’ll talk you through your major redesigns and how our masons can maintain heritage properties in style. At Nightingale, we believe in long term relationships and ensuring that you have the best experience with your heritage joinery installation.

Our History

Nightingale is more than just an installation team. We’re a team of artisans, apprenticing others and creating bespoke furniture for future generations.

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Beginning of Nightingale

After starting working together in 2007, Paul and Deirdre made a commitment to joinery with a skilled team of select joiners led by their workshop manager Vic, who has over 40 years experience. They had a simple goal: to create bespoke joinery for domestic and commercial markets.

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Our Good Name

Soon after Nightingale’s inception came the economic downturn of 2008. Despite this setback, Nightingale retained their standard of quality and good name. The team now consists of dedicated and highly skilled joiners, focused on total customer satisfaction. During this time our client base expanded to include renowned international companies and the parliamentary estates.

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Continuing Strong

After more than 15 years together, we have a well-established and solid workforce with a keen eye on the future including bringing in apprentices to invest in the future of our craft.  We work side by side with the country’s leading architects and internationally renowned designers to create fully bespoke and tailored joinery.


Our Reviews

Read through our previous client feedback. We bring artistry to every handcrafted project in order to deliver an architectural wonder to your home.


Excellent bespoke joinery, stunning curved staircase created with skill and craftsmanship. Would highly recommend.

Frederick Richards

Nightingales helped us with a refurbishment of a Victorian staircase. The attention to detail and technical skill employed in completing this was second to none, and the result achieved is amazing. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Richard Aldridge

Great customer service, so patient and kind could not fault the team at all! Got a new staircase installed and it's so lovely, cannot thank them enough.

Rosie Hunter

Beautiful and unique products. Outstanding attention to detail. Would highly recommend for bespoke installations.

Hazel Smith

Exceptional bespoke products and a really friendly team! Lovely company - I'd definitely recommend!

Carrie Dave

Many thanks for your recent install; it went well and looks fantastic. Great job, hopefully see you on the next one!

Matt Chalk, Specialised Project Manager

It is easier for us to give you an accurate quote with more information. We highly recommend providing documents, sketches, images, or dimensions here. Attach up to 5.

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About Us

At Nightingale, we believe in creating the ultimate heritage joinery. Our craftspeople have a vast experience of working on timber joinery. We specialise in creating wreathed and curved staircases, as well as doing large scale restoration and renovations.

Consider how to maintain your property in Colchester, London, East Anglia and the Home Counties areas when you choose Nightingale. We’re a CHAS and Safe Contractor accredited company. You can choose from hardwood or softwood, knowing that our joiners choose the best, most sustainable timber materials.

We’ve worked in conservation areas. Contact us if you want to talk to someone about ensuring that your large scale restoration project meets council guidelines. At Nightingale, no joinery project is too big or too tricky. We’ll make sure that your bespoke products match the character of your classic property.   

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Experienced Bench Joiner Required!

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