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Should I renovate or replace my staircase?

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There can be a lot to consider when making this decision.  In project terms replacing a staircase is the same scale of work as removing a structural wall!  Therefore, the choice you make must be right for you.

Reasons to Renovate:

  • Providing that you have a well structured, stable staircase renovations can be completed with minimal disruption in a short time frame.
  • Small changes for example adding glass to the balustrade can make a dramatic difference and completely transform the look of the staircase and the room that it sits in too. Glass can bring in a lot of light and make a space feel bigger and more open.
  • If you have a more traditional staircase you may be able to make a big impact by adding new spindles or newels or changing a tired and chipped handrail.
  • It’s important that whatever changes made are in-keeping with the environment the stairs are in so that the finished result has the desired impact.
  • Renovations of staircases can be more cost effective than a full replacement and if done well can achieve impressive results.

Reasons to Replace:

  • Most customers look to replace parts of their staircase due to structural damage that is beyond repair. There are some cases where no amount of strengthening or repair work will return parts of the stairs to a safe state.
  • Sometimes the repairs required are not cost effective and it simply makes more sense to replace rather than undergo renovations.
  • Replacement staircases can also be required if you are renovating your home and redesigning spaces. Stairs can be badly positioned and can for example block light flow through a house.  If so replacement is worth considering as it can make a vast difference to the light and space in your home.
  • In older listed and period properties there are staircases that really do no longer suit the needs of the house. They can be overly narrow or steep and therefore need to be replaced with something more practical.
  • Please note that you will need to ensure that your new staircase design complies with regulations and that you have received the relevant planning permissions before work begins. To do so you will need to contact your local building authority.

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