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Bespoke Joinery For Seating Pod

Nightingale joinery were recently tasked with crafting an office seating pod for a commercial project. This was to be used as a private working space within a larger office environment. Seating pods for offices are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a quiet and closed off area that can’t be provided in larger work environments.

A cocoon seating pod is also fantastic for schools, colleges, universities and libraries. Their closed-off design works to shut out the distractions around and provide an easy to concentrate working space. This is ideal for studying, reading and getting work done.

Nightingale Joinery are experts at bespoke timber joinery. We supply a wide range of products and services. This client opted for this contemporary style seating pod that perfectly suited their work environment. If this is an installation that seems appealing to your office or institution, please reach out to us today!

bespoke timber joinery seating pod company UK
bespoke timber joinery seating pod UK

Upholstered Seating Pod For Office Space

Our team were briefed with providing stylish, upholstered and contemporary pod seating. This was to provide a private working area within a large office environment. This seating pod had to be movable. This was due to the client needing it to be easily relocated if required. The briefing also required that a provision for an LCD screen was incorporated. This is so laptops could be connected to the seating pod.

We designed this seating pod using Computer-Aided Drawings (CAD). We offered several revisions, incorporating the elements that the client had specified. We settled on a final design and got to work with manufacturing this unique and bespoke product.

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Our team faced the challenge of creating a raking curved back to the seating pod. Several members of the team gave a considerable about of input in the design stages to make sure we found the perfect solution.

The framework was constructed using timber members shaped to achieve the profiles which were then wrapped in Birch Plywood. This seating pod was hand-finished in our specialised workshop. It was then upholstered by a local company that we work closely with.

The client was pleased with the finished product. It has become a unique and quiet space for private working. Discover bespoke timber joinery for your company today from Nightingale Joinery. We offer our services throughout the UK.


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We here at Nightingale Joinery are experts in bespoke timber joinery such as these stunning office seating pods that we provided our client. They were thrilled with the outcome. Please reach out to us today by filling out our online contact form. The team will get back to you very quickly to discuss your ideas.

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