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External Staircase & Deck Balustrading in Isleworth, London

The team at Nightingale Joinery have recently finished a commercial project for the Town Wharf Pub in Isleworth, London. This public house needed new life breathed into it as the outside staircase and decking required repairs. Our bespoke joinery services were the perfect solution for this commercial project, and that is why the pub decided to work with our team.

We started work by crafting a new staircase with new posts as well as balustrading on the decking. They also required some steps that guided the footpath to the pub in Isleworth. We designed this new staircase to match the installation that was there before it. Working closely with our client, we produced CAD drawings and used this for the approval of our project.

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The External Staircase

The main staircase, as well as the new steps, were manufactured from Sapele and Ipe. The strings, newel posts, handrail and base rail, were also constructed out of Sapele. The treads and stunning lattice riser bars are crafted out of robust Ipe. The main staircase also benefits from stop chamfered newel posts that feature stunning ball caps.The stairs feature a quarter landing with 2No. 3 tread return flights to the high-level deck and 2No. 3 tread return flights to the lower deck with a return balustrade to the pavement.

The posts we manufactured and installed for the desking were made from Canadian Douglas Fir. These were sat atop Green Hart piles that were sunken into the Thames. We decided upon this material as this is air-dried for longer making it a far more stable solution. Canadian Douglas Fir will be less prone to warping and cracking. Having been previously made from softwood, it quickly decayed due to the exposure to the high moisture of the environment.

The balustrading to the staircase was made up of Sapele posts, handrail and base rail. These effortlessly complement the external staircase. This features a cross-section design. We also included a rebate for the integration of lighting cables for exterior lighting.

Ipe was used here because of its incredible resistance to rotting. It is exceptionally durable and can last a long time. It has even been recorded to have lasted 25 years in some areas, even when exposed to water and high levels of moisture.

Sapele was used because it paints incredibly well. This was ideal for the client as they were looking for a beautiful paint finish. We listened carefully to what the client wanted, but we will be able to guide the project towards more suitable materials. This is to ensure that you get the most out of your timber installations.

One of the major difficulties that we faced renovating the Town Wharf Pub in Isleworth, London was fixing the decking posts into the Green Hart piles. For this, we had to find a specialist chemical fixing. We fixed them in with Stainless Steel pins and then resin bonded each post.

Another challenge on this project was working with the Ipe. This was because it can be a difficult material to work with due to its hard and dense nature. It has a high cutting resistance and often blunts the saws and machinery that we use. It also gives off a mustard coloured dust which makes it incredibly hard to finish the timber. It is also difficult to bond as it has a high resin content.

The client was exceptionally pleased with the overall result, particularly that we had ensured that every original detail was replicated.

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