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Bespoke Staircase Renovation For A Domestic Customer

Nightingale Joinery has recently completed a bespoke staircase renovation for a customer in Colchester, Essex. With years of joinery experience, we complete delicate projects like this with the ultimate care. Mr Aldridge contacted us in regards to the reinstatement of a staircase in his fine Victorian property. After it had been a block of apartments for years, he aimed to return it to its former glory as one dwelling.

As bespoke staircase renovation experts, we never miss the fine details as we have honed our craft to carry out projects like this to the highest standards. We match details of your staircase to existing features on your property to create the perfect feature. Whatever the size or scale of your project, we can handle renovations quickly and efficiently.

The staircase in this study needed a lot of work to ensure it was not only safe to use but it looked great too. We installed several features including a made to measure handrail and crafted steps. It was then coated and varnished to ensure it would stay protected for years to come. The deep oak finish brought to life some of the existing Victorian features in the building.


staircase resoration
staircase restoration project

Our professional team of joiners work with you to create staircases that match your requirements. In the case of Mr Aldridge, the work was not just cosmetic, but it required a lot of craftsmanship and remodelling. During the conversion into apartments, the staircase had the lower flight cut away and turned into a quarter landing. This meant a few of the lower steps were missing.

The handrails and spindles had also been removed in the past to make way for the apartment’s dividing walls and landings. The whole internal working of the staircase had to be redone in order to bring back its original Victorian style. We are proud to work on these heritage and conservation projects to restore their features and make the staircase completely safe to use again.

Our heritage and restoration projects meet the standards set by UK Building Regulations and are completed with quality and functionality in mind. We never miss the smallest details and pay close attention to colours and finishes. These added extras are what make our staircase renovations so unique. We work with your exact specifications to achieve the best results every time.

staircase restoration project
staircase restoration cost

For Mr Aldridge, we produced a new flight of stairs in oak to match some of the existing features of the property. This timeless colour is guaranteed to look great for years to come. The spindles and newels were also turned individually to ensure every detail was consistent. Similarly, the handrails and base rails were all moulded to match.

In addition to this complex work, we profiled and reproduced the string mouldings. Every last element of this heritage staircase renovation was completed with care and consideration. We understand there isn’t a blueprint for these projects, so we work with you to create a unique, stunning statement.

This staircase encompasses a fine and intricate design, often seen in the Victorian era. As a result, we introduced two curtail treads with scotia mouldings to sit below the nosing projection. Our professional joiners worked with the original staircase structure to make sure everything was incredibly safe and functional.


Staircase Renovation

Restoration Experts

Nightingale Joinery are experts in heritage staircase restorations. We work tirelessly to ensure every last detail is noticed to bring your new feature to life. Our team can replace any internal components to guarantee your staircase is as structurally sound as possible. We varnish and add colour to give our projects to add to their unique character.


Problem Solvers

We understand each project is unique; that’s why we rely on our years of experience to complete jobs to the highest standards. Our team love to solve a challenge to restore heritage staircases to their former glory. Whatever the scale of your project, we can work with you to make sure your requirements and specifications are met.


Traditional Values

Our handcrafted restorations are completely bespoke. At Nightingale Joinery, we hold very traditional values that mean our installations are guaranteed to last for years to come. We take into account every last detail, from the panelling to the replacement sections. Whatever the style of your property, we can restore a staircase to match its existing features.

Bespoke Stair Renovation Prices

If you are looking to renovate a staircase in your property, look to Nightingale Joinery. Our years of experience mean we can complete any project quickly and efficiently. Our skilled team of joiners are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

For more information regarding our stair renovations prices, please fill out our contact form, and someone will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us on 01787 224332 to speak with a professional directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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