Stair Balustrade Renovation Coggeshall, Essex

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Stair Balustrade Renovation Coggeshall, Essex


Recently, our expert team of joiners completed the removal and redesign of a stair balustrade in Coggeshall, Essex. To fit with the modernisation of the rest of the property, the staircase was renovated in order to complement the customer’s home. We complete these restorations quickly and efficiently, always to the highest standards.

We were able to craft a bespoke stair balustrade for our customer, Mr Taylor by removing and disposing of the existing handrail. New elements were added to the stairs to create a modern, cohesive look that perfectly matched the rest of the property. We design made to measure stair components with your requirements in mind in order to produce the most accurate results.

Each of the components were handcrafted for a personal feel. We manufacture and install all parts of a staircase, from the spindles to the handrails, to guarantee your restoration is tailored to you. Our friendly team of experts pay attention to even the smallest details as we have honed our craft to carry out projects like these to the highest industry standards.

staircase resoration
staircase restoration project

To modernise Mr Taylor’s property, we completed a staircase renovation that involved cutting and shaping pieces of timber to the appropriate sizes. These carefully marked timber pieces were installed on the lathe. Using rigid orthographic drawing, the measurements we take are completely accurate to ensure the perfect fit every time.

The rigid orthographic drawings (RODs) allow us to transfer the markings onto the timber accurately. This process guarantees all the turnings are the same when marked out. We make use of both traditional and modern techniques, with a focus on heritage staircase renovations and conservation. Our team of joiners can transform spaces with care.

This bespoke staircase renovation involved installing hand-turned oak newel posts as well as an oak profiled handrail. We use premium grade materials in our installations, as well as different wood finishes in order to emulate a traditional look. Whatever the style of your property, we are able to match your new staircase with some of the existing period features of your home.

staircase restoration project
staircase restoration cost

In the case of Mr Taylor, the hand-turned oak spindles in the staircase renovation added a unique touch to the final result. Each of the components were sanded to ensure they were smooth and free of any excess timber. We use sophisticated machinery to provide you with the best finishes and a sleek look. The wood itself was varnished to protect it from any wear.

We complete staircase renovations to the highest quality. The team of joiners on our projects take immense pride in their work, never compromising on even the smallest details. We understand each property is different; that’s why we create bespoke restorations that are completed with your specifications in mind. Everything part of the process is carefully considered.

Each newel post and spindle in this stair balustrade renovation was individually hand-turned. We believe these traditional techniques give the most authentic finish and reflect the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into each of our pieces. We make sure everything is structurally sound and secure from the initial structure to the handrail and spindles.


Staircase Renovation

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With years of experience in the industry, our professional team of joiners are always happy to help on any project. No matter the scale of your staircase renovation, we are able to bring it back to its former glory to create a beautiful statement in your home. To ensure our installations are completely safe, we continually test our internal components and materials.


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Whatever the scale of your staircase, we can create bespoke solutions that are tailored to you and your property. Whether you are looking to modernise your space or you want to create a more traditional feel, we have all the appropriate options available to you. We work on a range of heritage properties to ensure their staircases are looking their best.


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We utilise both modern techniques and traditional values for the best results. Our handcrafted staircase restorations are guaranteed to stand the test of time as they are constructed using high quality materials. We coat our bespoke staircases to ensure they last for years, never fade or begin to split. Look to us for your next staircase renovation.

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If your staircase needs renovating, look to Nightingale Joinery for bespoke results. We work with you to complete projects efficiently, never missing any details.

For more information about our staircase renovation prices, please fill out our online contact form. Alternatively, call us on 01787 224332 to speak with one of our professionals directly.

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