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Kitchen & Staircase Belsize Park

You may have been browsing our website looking for a standard product list, but you won’t have found one; because it doesn’t exist. All of our joinery is made bespoke to meet the specification of each client, meaning that each and every installation we do is unique to that property and the possibilities for your project are literally endless.

No matter what it is you are looking for, be it staircases, fitted or freestanding wardrobe and display cabinets, wall panelling and gates, we have the skill, experience and the expertise in order to help you create a truly unique look to your home. Nightingale Joinery works with both domestic and commercial customers, as well as schools, educational establishments and other organisations looking for a bespoke renovation of their property.

Nightingale Joinery operates over a wide geographical area, including Essex, London and the south-east counties.

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Bespoke Kitchen and Staircase

For this particular property we were tasked with designing and  installing a small, handcrafted kitchen and staircase. The owner decided on a more modern, minimalistic look for their kitchen cabinets, the dark grey offsetting their white walls and routered finger pull cabinet doors allowing for easy of access without protruding outwards.

When working on a project, we make sure that we get the very best hardwood and softwood materials available; but we also understand that it is not just about the appearance of your installation, but also the usability and practicality of it. We will consult with you extensively about your design, incorporating your ideas and desires into the final design, including materials, sizes, finishes and additional hardware.

No matter how big or small your request is, our team will spend as much time as is necessary in working with you on the design, and in building and crafting the bespoke joinery you require, so that you are sure to love the final result. Before beginning any kind of building work, we will show you the proposed design for your approval; it is only when you love it that we start manufacturing any of the items to save our time and your peace of mind.

Find out about the bespoke joinery items that we offer by calling us on 01787 224332 or sending a message through our online contact form.

An Installation Perfect For Your Home

The staircase we installed on this property had to fit around an additional square wall that created a small passage up to the second floor, so we made it a winder staircase with one turn that hugs the wall on one side of the passage way. For the design, we incorporated a similar dark grey colour to match the kitchen cupboards, then off-setting it with contrasting wooden steps and a hand-made wooden railing crafted and made-to-measure in our workshop.

In the kitchen, the dark colour of the cabinets was matched by a similarly contrasting, natural wooden worktop, and the black and metal features on the appliances. The staircase leading up to the kitchen both complemented the kitchen’s design whilst being itself unique, creating a combined aesthetic without looking uniformly the same.

Joinery Without Restriction

We pride ourselves on being able to bring our customers imaginations to life, creating a unique look that is bespoke to that property and that property alone. Told your ideas were unrealistic? We’ll be able to prove them otherwise.

Sustainable Products

Want a quality installation that is also mindful of our environmental impact? All of the timber used in Nightingale Joinery installations in sourced from managed forest areas, minimizing our impact on the environment and being sure to help nature just that little bit.

We Manufacture

Nightingale Joinery doesn’t do ‘off-the-shelf’, so by choosing us as your project partner you can be sure that the installations we provide are designed, approved, manufactured and hand-finished by us in our workshop. If you have any questions about your bespoke joinery, we’re just one phone call away.

If you want to begin your design journey, we are all too happy to hear your ideas. You know your home better than anyone, as well as your personal taste, so we will help you develop your concept from paper to physical reality, enhancing the appearance of your home whilst also adding value and market appeal to your property. Give us a call today on 01787 224332 or send us through a message on our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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