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Commercial Project: Reception Desk, London

We here at Nightingale Joinery don’t just supply residential installations for homeowners. If you are looking for an installation for a commercial venture, such as a business or offices, then we can offer you an amazing variety of services. Hand-crafting all of our commissions in our workshop, we’ve worked with many different companies to install many different projects in numerous commercial properties around London and the South East. We pride ourselves on our string of highly satisfied customers, having provided them with bespoke tailored designs that have enhanced their properties and their business.

For this project, we were tasked with designing and building a brand-new reception desk for this company on Kensington High Street, giving their customers a striking first impression in their reception.

The reception desk is the centre piece and focal point of the reception area. The client wanted to replace their old reception desk to match their recently updated office space within their building. The building is a Grade II listed property in High Street Kensington. It is home to a variety of different businesses this building also hosts “London’s most iconic roof gardens” which is often utilised by the residents for relaxation, breaks and company events.

Glass fascia panels were trimmed with a black angled Steel frame and a brushed black Steel plinth. We worked very closely with a specialist lighting company to achieve a stunning lighting display behind the opaque glass fascia panels. We finished the desk off with re-claimed Sapele parquet flooring top. The client had a very clear vision of the design and impression they wanted to create. We offered several design options before production started for the client to choose from.

The desk itself was made in 3 separate sections for easy transit, before being assembled on-site. Before it was sent off, however, we put it together first in the workshop to ensure that the desk would be correctly put together. The installation on-site was then performed outside of office hours so as not to disturb the day-to-day running of the companies within the building. The lighting company accompanied us on site, putting in their LED lighting strip after we assembled the skeleton of the desk, putting in an access panel for any future repair work, before we then completed the installation.

With no standard product list, we here at Nightingale Joinery work upon request from our clients for everything from staircases and cupboard doors to reception desks, wardrobes, display cabinets and more. Every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop has been hand-made to a bespoke design specifically for each clients specifications, with no factory line in site. There are next to no limits on what we are able to achieve, be it a large project or a small request.

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