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New Bespoke Staircase, Covent Garden

Our team have recently undertaken a new staircase and handrail build for a French gourmet tea company. This company is based in Paris; however, they were opening their first UK tea emporium in Covent Garden. We were tasked with crafting and fitting stunning new staircases for this project.

This new tea emporium is situated in a stunning five-storey Georgian townhouse. There is a new restaurant, retail area, museum and private event spaces. This beautiful structure is something that we were proud to construct an elegant new staircase for in order to better fit with the client’s vision.

Nightingale Joinery are experts at crafting beautiful bespoke timber joinery for homeowners and commercial customers. If you have any questions about our bespoke and high-quality staircases, get in touch with the team today. We will gladly answer any of your questions.

The Bespoke Staircase Project

We were working as a larger part of a team, helping to craft a full store fit within the townhouse. Everything – including the bespoke staircases – was being installed to better match the vision that the company had for their first-ever UK tea emporium.

Detail was incredibly important to the client. We made many changes in the design as the process got moving. We were able to confirm these for the client with CAD drawings. This was to give them a better idea of what the final design would look like to help the client make the choices about their bespoke staircases.

Our team got to work on crafting new and bespoke staircases as well as handrails for some existing stairs. The front stairs from the ground floor up to the first were fitted with splayed strings. This is where the strings curve outwards towards the bottom of the flight.

We manufactured the bespoke staircases and handrails from European Oak. This was then finished by a stain which was chosen by the client. Hard wax oil was then applied. Our team crafted both wreathed and continuous handrails for the main staircase. The other flights featured moulded handrails with mitred joints. The main staircase was public access. They required 300mm lead in finished with a stop return.

The client also opted for metal spindles for the balustrading which was manufactured and designed in France. We procured the spindles, newel caps and handrail brackets all from French suppliers.

Overall, this was a project we really enjoyed undertaking. It was a challenge as the client had a clear vision in mind for what they wanted. However, we made sure to follow every little detail they gave us to deliver the perfect and bespoke staircases that we are known for crafting. It even gave us a chance to brush up our French when dealing with suppliers!

Bespoke Staircases Prices, Covent Garden, London And The Surrounding Areas

Nightingale Joinery are experts at delivering bespoke installations for residential, commercial and trade customers throughout London in such places like Covent Garden and across the UK. If you are interested in our skills at crafting bespoke staircases, then please get in touch with us today.

This can be done by filling out our online contact form. Our team members will get back to you with everything you need to know about bespoke staircases. We can give detail explanations about how we work and the best ways we can improve your structures.

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