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What is the preferred Hardwood for manufacturing windows?

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We have produced many bespoke windows for our customers over the years and are always asked what timbers are best to use and why.

We manufacture windows in both softwoods and hardwoods however the benefits of working with hardwoods are:

– Strength – hardwoods are from slower growing trees which makes their cell structure more dense
– Durability – their high density makes them resistant to the elements
– Insulation – the timbers have lots of tiny air chambers which retain heat
– Longevity – due to most hardwoods higher density they generally last longer than softwoods

Examples of hardwoods that we would use for the manufacture of windows are Oak, Sapele and Iroko.

You should be careful not to be miss lead by the name hardwoods. As the name suggests these woods are not necessarily harder or more durable than softwoods.

The classic look of both Oak and Sapele makes these timbers suited to windows for listed buildings and period properties. They look timeless once finished and help you to ensure that the renovations to your windows are in keeping with the traditional aesthetics of your property.

Hardwoods are more expensive however they do last a lifetime and require little maintenance. They are also unique in appearance as no natural pattern in the timber will be the same. You therefore acquire something that is going to last for years to come and be one of a kind!

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