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Delicately Handmade Curved Staircases in Colchester and the Surrounding Areas

At Nightingale Joinery, we pride ourselves for being one of the few companies who can design, create and construct curved staircases. Our staircases have a handrail which follows round one curved corner and then glides straight upwards, which can be confused with a spiral staircase which curves in a circular direction the entire way up the stairs.

 As our market suits property owners with a traditional and beautiful interior taste, we have lots of experience working with period properties and listed buildings. This consists of communicating with conservation bodies along with planning and construction departments, to give you your Colchester home its ideal staircase.

Our traditional joinery methods of manufacturing wreathed staircases mean that your staircase will be entirely exclusive for you and your home. The factors we always consider when crafting our staircases, is the style of your home and the space of your room. This guarantees that your staircase will beautifully complement your home, by giving it the elegant touch that our staircases bring.

We build these handcrafted curved staircases for homeowners, commercial and education organisations in Colchester, Essex, London and the surrounding south-east areas.

Speak to our Nightingale Joinery team today but calling us on 01787 224332.


Unique Curved Staircases

Each of our wreathed staircases are tailored specially to your design prospects, which is why we don’t have a set product list. We like to give our customers an utterly bespoke product which will specifically suit their visual and functional requirements. This gives our customers a gorgeous and striking home improvement, which will boost its market appeal.


Our Expert Knowledge

Our experience in crafting and installing wooden staircases has given us extensive expertise, meaning you will receive the best service from us. As our customers live in Colchester, Essex, London and the south-east areas, we have assisted a wide range of houses and styles. Therefore, we have the professional knowledge to help you get your perfect staircase.


Communication is Key

At Nightingale Joinery, we believe we need to speak to you personally to fully understand your design needs. That is why we encourage you to call us throughout your wooden staircase installation. You can always call us on 01787 224332 for any advice, questions and queries and to let you know how your handmade product is getting on.

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Environmentally Friendly Approach

As part of your service from us at Nightingale Joinery, we like our customers to know that their curved staircase has caused minimum environmental impact. This is because we only supply our softwood and hardwood timber from sustainable forests. Therefore, you can enjoy your graceful new staircase in your Colchester home, knowing it was made in an environmentally friendly manner.

This is the same for all our products, so if you’re after more than just a curved staircase then consider our other products. We also manufacture timber doors and windows, which can be made to suit one another. This will give your property a complete classical transformation, while still guaranteeing high-performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Your Staircases With Any Additional Materials?

To provide our customers with their exact wishes, we can also incorporate other high-quality materials into their construction. Acrylic glass, metal and stainless steel and more can also be used to build the staircase. This creates a curved staircase with the stunning aesthetics of timber and other suiting materials.

To discuss further material options with us, speak to a member of our expert team. However, we will suggest that timber should be the leading component of your staircase with any other materials as a secondary counterpart.

Are You Able To Restore Wooden Staircases?

We understand that taking down and rebuilding your existing staircase may cost your home character and value, which is why we offer a restoration service. Our vast knowledge of timber designs means we can get your staircase back to its original beautiful self. This will give your home a refresh while maintaining the sentimental attachment this feature has.

Our experience with listed or period buildings means we will take the greatest care in restoring your staircase and our high respect will give your home the particular attention it needs.

Which Properties Are You Able To Work On?

We can work on all properties, such as listed and period buildings with the correct permissions. We do not just stop at homes, as we also can create our products for educational establishments or workplaces. 

Our expert team have the experience to succeed in any project given, and we strive to provide all our customers exceptional service.

Curved Staircases Prices in Colchester and the Surrounding Areas

To find out more about any of our products, or to book an appointment or to request a free quote then call us on 01787 224332. Alternatively, contact us via our online contact form, to tell us about your project or upload your designs and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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