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Commercial Office Refurbishment In London

Our professional joiners and fitters undertake a plethora of challenging tasks throughout the year. We can help refurbish buildings, create new spaces, create unfixed joinery. Whatever bespoke joinery you can think of, we’re confident we can craft and install for you.

We recently finished a commercial office refurbishment for a client who was over the moon with the results. If you would like to discuss a potential office refurbishment for your space in Holborn and throughout the surrounding London area, give us a call today!

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The Office Refurbishment

This project highlights just how versatile Nightingale Joinery are. We were awarded the contract to provide the bespoke joinery for refurbished office space in Holborn in central London.

The project included a variety of joinery items. Within the office space, we installed a new kitchen finished to the client’s choice of a unique colour scheme.

The space was temperature controlled with the use of fan coil units. We manufactured and installed casings to house the units. The casings incorporated an inset grille in the top panel and a removable fascia panel for the ease of maintenance. Each casing was individual in size to fit each location. The paint finish was chosen to match the existing colour scheme of the office space.

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Within the two private offices, we manufactured and installed some architect-designed decorative wall panels. These were triangular modules finished off-site in a selection of complementary colours, achieving a totally distinctive look to the offices.

The reception area underwent a complete facelift; we manufactured and installed full height Oak handrails. This included a continuous wall handrail and a rebated handrail that sat atop the glass balustrade.

Once completed, the transformation was dramatic; the design was timeless and will continue to be so as trends change. If you like this office refurbishment with our bespoke fitting, please get in touch with us to see how we can transform your office space for your team.


Commercial Office Refurbishment

Commercial Office Refurbishment Prices, Holborn and the Nearby London Areas

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Impossible Made Possible

Here at Nightingale Joinery, we will take on any task no matter how big or how small, regardless of the difficulty level. We have years of experience manufacturing and installing beautiful bespoke joinery as well as refurbishing buildings and breathing new life into structures as a whole.



Discovering a sustainable way of refurbishing offices can be a difficult thing to do. When opting for Nightingale Joinery, you will be ensuring that you don’t contribute to deforestation, which is an ever-expanding problem. Both our hardwood and softwood products are created with materials from sustainable sources.


We Manufacture

Working with Nightingale Joinery will ensure that you are getting the best quality installations around. As we manufacture our own products, we know the care and attention to detail that has gone into every product we fit. If you would like to get a quote on any of our bespoke joinery services, get in touch with us today!

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