What is the preferred Hardwood for manufacturing windows?

We have produced many bespoke windows for our customers over the years and are always asked what timbers are best to use and why. We manufacture windows in both softwoods and hardwoods however the benefits [...]

Why choose to work with Softwoods?

As we have talked about hardwoods in our blog we thought that we would go over the characteristics of softwoods too. Generally, hardwoods and softwoods are used to manufacture the same items. Decisions are made [...]

What is Joinery Work? Do I need a Carpenter or Joiner?

This is a question that is often asked by customers making enquiries about potential works they are thinking about undertaking. Our explanation is below! Carpenters and Joiners are from the same trade but do both [...]

Treating Wooden Window Frames – How to look after your new bespoke windows

Bespoke wooden windows are created with great care and consideration to ensure that they are in-keeping with the style of each individual home or property. When they are maintained with the same thought and care [...]

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