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Accoya – Wood but not as you know it!

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Accoya wood is produced using a process that alters the cell structure of the wood improving its strength and durability.  It is traditional wood that is modified at a molecular level.

They call the process “The Acetylation Process” which transforms hydroxyl groups in to larger, inert acetyl groups which reduces the water absorption of the cell wall.  This process changes the balance of the naturally occurring chemicals in the wood.  This is an irreversible process which results in a permanent improvement in the woods performance.

This simply means that because of the changes that have now been made to the cells the wood will no longer take on moisture which will stop it from warping and twisting and increase its longevity.  Wood that is not put through such a process will still absorb and release water depending on the weather conditions it is subjected to.  This means that the wood will expand and contract which leads to rotting and splitting reducing the longevity of the wood.

Therefore, we look to use Accoya to manufacture items that are going to be installed in external locations.  For example, windows, doors and shutters.  We especially look to use Accoya for items we are manufacturing with smaller thinner sections such as a pair of tall window shutters or a door that is narrower and taller than standard to help prevent warping and twisting.

Another great feature of Accoya is that it can last for 25 years in water and 50 years above ground.  We have read articles recently that talk of Accoya hoping to be able to guarantee Accoya timber for up to 75 years above ground in the future!

Accoya is more expensive than other timbers however to guarantee the longevity and aesthetics of certain items it is more than worth the additional outlay.

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